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Scheduled Maintenance

We can maintain your new vehicle or used vehicle.  Below is a GENERAL chart for recommended maintenance. You should always check your owner’s manual for the exact maintenance schedule.  If you do not have the Owners manual we can print the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicles.  We will need to know the Year, Make, Model, Engine size, transmission type and if it has 4WD.

MilesReplace which ever comes first (Mileage or Date)Date
1000Tire condition & pressureweekly
3,000 - 5,000Oil changeEvery 3 months or twice a year
6000Rotate tires1 Year
15000Air filter1 Year
15000Brake inspections1 Year
15000Cabin air filter2 Years
15000Wiper blades1 Year
30000Coolant flush (Standard Green)2 Years
30000Fuel filter2 Years
30000PCV valve2 Years
30000Spark plugs (Standard Plug)3 Years
30000Transmission flush (**, ***)2 Years
30000Wheel alignment check2 Years
40,000 -100,000Timing belt (Check Owners Manual 40k -100K)5 Years
50000Belts4 Years
50000Brake fluid5 Years
50000Differential front & rear4 Years
50000Power steering fluid5 Years
50000Thermostat5 Years
50000Transfer case4 Years
50000Transmission filter *** never flushed4 Years
50000Wheel bearings (grease able)4 Years
60000Fuel injection cleaning3 Years
75000Battery5 Years
75000Spark plugs (Platinum)5 Years
90000Transmission filter ** if flushed every 30,0004 Years
100000Coolant flush (Extended Life)4 Years
100000Hoses4 Years
100000Ignition wires5 Years