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LOF (Lube, Oil, Filter) Oil Change

$39 LOF.  Includes up to 5 quarts of Motor Oil, Oil Filter, Grease fittings and 30 Point Visual Safety inspection of:

Belt ConditionLamps Turn Signal Rear
Belt TensionerLamps Window Center Brake Rear
Blowers L - M - HOther Fluid Leaks
Brake Fluid LevelPower Steering Fluid Level
Check Air filter (additional cost)Radiator Condition
Check Cabin Air Filter (optional)Re-set oil light
Coolant Protection - Degree'sTest Drive
Coolant Leak Check VisualTire Air Pressure
Coolant Level and ConditionTire Condition Front
Engine Indicator lightsTire Condition Rear
Engine Oil LevelTire Spare Air Pressure (if accessible)
Fog LampsTransmission Fluid Level and Condition w/dipstick
Grease door locks & hingesTransmission Leaks Found
Headlamp High Beam FrontVisually Inspect Brakes
Headlamp Low Beam FrontVisually Inspect Front Suspension
HornVisually Inspect Drive Shaft or Axles
Hose ConditionWindow Washer Solvent Level
Lamps Brake RearWiper Left Front
Lamps Marker FrontWiper Rear
Lamps Reverse RearWiper Rear Washer
Lamps Tail / Marker Lights RearWiper Right Front
Lamps Turn Signal FrontWiper Washers Front